Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Journalism media and technology trends and predictions 2022

The rise (and fall) of Clubhouse, known as the first airpods social network, has been well documented but almost all the major platforms, such as Twitter (Spaces), Facebook (Live Audio Rooms), Reddit (Talk), quickly produced clones to allow users to create impromptu discussion and events. Meanwhile the Constructive Journalism Institute in Denmark has been pioneering formats such as Solved or Squeezed in conjunction with a local TV station, where politicians from different political parties are challenged to come up with solutions to a specific problem as their physical space gets more restricted over a 20-minute period. At the same time the UK government is planning to pass its much-delayed Online Safety Bill which, amongst other measures, gives new powers to sanction web platforms who fail to curb illegal (and other harmful) content, with compliance regulated by the media watchdog Ofcom