How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring for Your Skin Tone

Ladies, you spend a lot of time ensuring your foundation and make-up complement your skin tone. And gents, you know how that blue shirt makes your skin look so good. There is something about the color that enhances your skin. 

Many of us will spend time looking for clothes or make-up that enhance our skin tones. But, you should not stop there. Even the jewelry you wear has a big impact.  

We will walk you through choosing the best engagement ring for your skin tone. If your partner popped the question, please read on.  

Determining Your Skin Tone 

Is there a difference between skin tone and color? The answer is yes. When you look at your skin, what you see is color, not tone. 

You see, color only applies to the outer layer of the skin. It means any environmental factors like sunburn can affect the color. If you are light-skinned, staying out in the sun will cause it to turn dark.

Skin tone, on the other hand, is the undertone. It will not change and is part of your biological or ethnic make-up. 

There are some common descriptors you will come across for skin tone. These include:-

  • People with cool skin tones have a rosy or pink undertone. Direct sunlight is not very kind to them because they burn easily. Please stock up on good-quality sunscreen to protect your skin. 
  • warm skin tone takes on a darker hue. Such people have plenty of melanin, which protects them from sunburn. They also tend to tan very quickly. 
  • Neutral skin tone falls somewhere between cool and warm. You are one of the lucky few because most metals or gemstones will look fantastic on you. 

 So how can you tell what kind of skin tone you have? Well, the answer lies in looking at the veins under your arms. Shining a light on them will make it easier for you to see.

If the veins appear to have a green color, it means you have a warm skin tone. Blue or purple veins are indicative of a cool skin tone. And, if you can’t identify the color of the veins, it means you have a neutral skin tone. 

There are other ways you can go about determining your skin tone. One method is to hold up a piece of white paper right next to your skin. The contrast on the paper will tell you what kind of skin tone you have. 

Light brown, green, or yellowish tint indicates warm skin tone. Blue, rosy or pink means cool. Ashen or gray contrast shoes neutral tones.  

Using Skin Tone as a Guide to Engagement Ring Shopping

Shopping for an engagement ring is exciting. There are tons of options available for your picking. You can also go the custom way if you prefer. 

You may have a minimalist mindset and want to avoid flashy pieces. In that case, a simple solitaire ring with menial art decor will work for you. 

Is sustainability a part of your life? Well, how about an engagement ring from recycled metal. You can go as grand or understated as you wish.  

And, yes, you want a ring that blends in with your skin tone. Just like you would when choosing outfit colors or make-up. So, consider the following.  

Choosing the Right Gemstone

Choosing the gemstone is the really exciting part. The gemstone encyclopedia lists over 300 types. It helps to have some knowledge about them before embarking on the shopping trip. 

Now comes the part of matching your skin tone to the gemstone. 

  • Diamonds look great on any skin tone. So do gemstones like black diamonds, white topaz, black onyx, and moissanite.
  • Warm skin tones complement earthy or bright colors like green, orange and yellow. Topaz, yellow diamonds, or emerald should be your go-to choice. Other options are brown diamonds, morganite, citrine, and agate. 
  • Cool skin tone looks great with blue, red, or purple. That means you don’t have to stick to traditional engagement rings. You can inject as much color as you want when picking the engagement ring. Gemstones like amethysts, opal, tanzanite, garnets, or blue sapphires should be your choice.  

Choosing the Metal

There are tons of options in ring metals. These are yellow gold, black, rose gold, green gold, and white metals. 

Copper, rose gold, and yellow gold look striking on warm tones. Combine this with brown diamond or agate for a fancy, stylish engagement ring.

Cool skin tones should go for similar tones in metals. That means white metal, platinum, white gold, or silver. A platinum ring with amethyst or emerald will be sure to grab attention. 

Rose gold and oxidized silver are the diamond equivalents in metals. They will look good, no matter your skin tone. 

Does Matching The Skin Tone To The Engagement Ring Matter? 

We cannot say that it is an absolute necessity. It would be the same as saying that people with specific skin tones can’t wear certain colors. Do note, what we have in the article should give you pointers. 

It comes down to your preference as an individual. If you have your heart set on a rose gold ring despite having cool skin, please go ahead. 

But there is something you need to know. Gold jewelry on cool skin tones may make you look very pale. If you tend to redden fast, the rose gold will make it look worse. 

The same should apply to outfits. Very bright colors on cool skin tones can end up overpowering you. If only we were all as lucky as those with neutral skin tones. They can take any color and make it look great.  

Final Thoughts

Approach shopping for the engagement ring in the same way as an outfit. You want one that complements your style and looks great. That is why complementing your skin tone to the ring matters. 

Start with the skin test to determine your skin tone. Use the techniques we have shared to do this. 

The next is to choose the metal and gemstone. Custom engagement rings are great because you get something unique and perfect for you. 

But, the right ring shop should have enough options, allowing you to get what you like. 

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