Unclaimed lottery division one prizes now worth a combined $13.5 million

There are a number of Australians who are walking around today with no idea they are officially millionaires.

That’s according to the nation’s official lottery provider The Lott, which has revealed a group of Aussies could finish 2019 without realising they’ve won big.

At the moment there are still 14 unclaimed lottery division one prizes across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania, worth a combined $13,510,114.

The winners have remained a mystery as the lucky tickets were not registered to a player’s card at the time they were purchased, meaning officials have no way of knowing their identities or contact details.

They are urging lottery players to double check their tickets and search their homes, cars and offices for a potentially lost or forgotten ticket that could change their lives.

The Lott spokesman Matt Hart said he hadn’t given up hope of uniting the unclaimed division one windfalls with their rightful owners.

“Remarkably, eight of the 14 unclaimed lottery division one prizes were from tickets purchased in Queensland. We’re not sure why Queenslanders are reluctant to pocket their prizes, but we’re hoping to spur our unsuspecting winners into action,” he said.

“The biggest and oldest unclaimed division one winning entry in Australia was purchased in Cairns in 2014 and is worth $2 million. Imagine how this winner could have spent the past six years enjoying their windfall.

“Interestingly, half of the unclaimed division one prizes are from draws held during this year alone, and these are worth more than $6.7 million. These winning tickets were purchased from Gatton and Victoria Point in Queensland, from Traralgon and Ringwood in Victoria, from Carnarvon in Western Australia and from Latrobe in Tasmania.

“Needless to say, with more than $13 million in division one prize money waiting to be claimed nationally, it could be well worth checking any old lottery tickets you find in-store or online.”

Are you one of the mystery winners? Picture: xosovui.net

But unfortunately, when it comes to claiming those prizes, the clock is well and truly ticking.

“The amount of time people have to claim their lottery prizes varies from state to state,” Mr Hart said.

“For example, people have seven years in Queensland and six years in NSW, but only six months to claim their prize directly from us in Victoria and Tasmania.

“We’re in the business of paying out mind-blowing prizes, so we are on a mission to unite these prizes with their rightful owners.”

The second oldest unclaimed prize – worth $400,000 – also dates back to 2014, with the ticket bought from Henry Deane Plaza Newsagency in Sydney, followed by a million-dollar unclaimed prize from a 2015 draw with a ticket purchased from NextraMorayfield Village in Queensland.

In December 2016, a ticket which won $1 million was bought from Cotton Tree News in Maroochydore in Queensland, while another which won $1.34 was snapped up later that month in Lutwyche News and Gifts in Queensland as well.

Just one unclaimed prize from 2017 remains, with a $369,000 prize resulting from a ticket bought from NextraCapalaba Park News in Queensland.

In 2018, a mystery winner scored $671,513 after buying a ticket from Golden Lucky News in Helensvale in Queensland and another made $1,018,499 from a ticket purchased at Connection Newsagency in the Sydney CBD.

This year, Gatton Plaza Newsagency in Queensland sold a ticket with an unclaimed $774,838 prize and a customer from News Worx in Victoria Point, Queensland is also a million dollars richer.

Meanwhile, a $1,007,593 ticket was sold at Plaza Lotto in Traralgon in Victoria, a $1,666,666 ticket from Latrobe Newsagency in Tasmania, a $666,185 ticket from NextraEastlandsNewsagency in Ringwood, Victoria and a $587,926 ticket from Carnarvon Lottery News and Gifts in WA.

Aussies are urged to register their tickets to avoid missing out.Source:Supplied

All of those tickets could have been purchased up to 10 weeks prior to the draw date,

Mr Hart encouraged anyone buying lottery tickets – including the upcoming Saturday Lotto $30 Million Megadraw – to register their tickets to a player’s card so there was no chance of missing out on any winnings.

“The $30 Million Megadraw is one of the last chances to enter 2020 as a millionaire. Historically, it’s the draw that’s nationally renowned for creating more millionaires than any other,” he said.

“If you won division one, wouldn’t you want to know as soon as possible?

“If your entry is registered and you score division one, I’ll be reaching out to you directly to deliver that life-changing news.”

The news come after a record-smashing 2019 when it comes to Aussie lottery wins.

In August this year, a Sydney father discovered he was more than $96 million richer after winning the country’s second-biggest individual lottery prize.

The office worker received the call from lottery officials while he was in the office and was initially stunned by the news.

But the current record holder is an inner Sydney mum in her 40s who scored a $107.5 million Powerball prize in January this year.

The healthcare provider, who wished to remain anonymous, said she would keep working shortly after her win was revealed, and said she also planned to share her winnings with her family, give “a whole slab of money” to her favourite charity, and perhaps even “buy a caravan and travel around”.

The registered player initially misheard the eye-watering figure when she was contacted by lottery officials, thinking she had walked away with just $107,000.

“Wait — are you telling me I’ve won $107 million? Oh my god. That is just so much money,” she told Australia’s official lottery provider over the phone once she had been corrected.

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